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    Thread: What KFC do with the leftover chicken

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      What KFC do with the leftover chicken

      I worked at KFC from 2001-2005 at 3 different stores and the policy was to throw all the food away at the end of the night. I would typically give people that ordered food near closing extra (if we had a lot of food left) as it seemed like such a waste to just throw it all away. I would also try to sneak food home for my roommates when possible, which I guess was technically stealing, but at least it wasn't thrown in the trash. Typically there wasn't much food left at the end of the night if the shift manager on duty planned well, but sometimes it was inevitable.

      FYI, if you're the type of person to come in right before closing and order something the store doesn't have so they have to cook it, don't be that person. If someone came in 2 minutes before closing and ordered original recipe chicken, and we were out, and they decided to wait for it, we had to cook an entire batch (20+ pieces of chicken) no matter how much they wanted. I think it had something to do with a minimum amount of chicken needed for the pressure cooker to work properly, I don't really remember. The remainder would get thrown away. All the machines would be clean by that time of night, so they'd have to be re-cleaned. Dishes would have to be re-washed. Essentially the entire kitchen would have to be re-sanitized. Not great when you're 2 minutes from going home after a long shift.

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      Re: What KFC do with the leftover chicken

      Great one

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