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    Thread: Getting married in Ireland

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      Getting married in Ireland

      Getting married in Ireland

      Do you wish to get married in Ireland? Here is an overview of related proceedings.

      Ireland offers various settings and facilities to foreigners wishing to get married there: beaches, gardens, hotels, halls, castles, etc. You wedding is very likely to be a memorable one! However, you are advised to inquire on related formalities beforehand. You have to be fully prepared by filling in all required criteria and having useful documents in hand. But this should not be complicated.

      First and above all, both partners must be at least 18 years old to be eligible to get married in Ireland. Mutual consent is also required, as well as compliance with all existing laws. Note that Irish laws recognize civil, religious and secular marriages at the same level. Hence, you are advised to check with relevant religious authorities if you wish to celebrate your marriage in a religious way.

      Good to know:

      Less than 18 years old people wishing to get married seek the Family Court or the High Court's authorization. Anyone found guilty of violating these laws will be liable to a fine amounting to some € 635.

      You are required to notify the nearest Civil Status Office or Health Services Executive to your place of residence of your intention to get married at least three months in advance. Fees amounting to some € 200 will apply. Appointment can be taken online In general, documents to be produced by both partners are:

      a valid passport
      an apostilled copy of your birth certificate
      divorce certificate in case of a previous marriage
      marriage certificate and the late spouse's death certificate in the case of widows
      Personal Public Service (PPS) number (if any).
      Additional documents may be requested according to your nationality and if you have been married in the past. You shall be notified by the Civil Status officer.

      You will also have to mention the marriage details such as the scheduled celebration date, the venue, the type of marriage (religious, civil or secular), your witnesses’ names and dates of birth, etc.

      Good to know:

      Both partners will be required to complete a no impediment declaration, indicating that there is no opposition to their marriage.

      The marriage celebrant must be notified at least three months before the scheduled wedding celebration date. Otherwise, he may be liable to a maximum of € 2,000 fine and a maximum of six months of imprisonment for celebrating your wedding illegally.

      Registering your marriage
      Once you have completed these requirements, the Civil Status Office will send you a marriage registration form. This document officially authorizes you to get married. Note that you will not be able to register your marriage without this document.

      Good to know:

      Your marriage must be solemnized within six months following the marriage registration form's date of issue. Otherwise, it will expire and you get back to square one.

      Celebrating your marriage
      Civil marriages are generally celebrated at the office of the Civil Status Office or at any other venue which has been approved by both parties in advance. In the case of a religious marriage or secular, you are required to contact a recognized and approved celebrant. Thereafter, you will have to register your marriage in the Marriage Celebration Register.

      Last name
      The wife may decide whether she wants to keep her maiden name or adopt her husband's last name. Those wishing to use both last names will have to renew their passport, identity card, etc., by producing copies of their birth and marriage certificates.

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      Re: Getting married in Ireland

      Bohat Khoob

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