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CaLmInG MeLoDy
05-31-2014, 06:29 PM
There are few main reasons of increasing Excessive use of social media in Pakistan & that is

1-No one likes to be alone.
2-Many of our “real world” communities also exist online.
3-Social media platforms have given peoples the tools and means to re-connect with people , went to school with or worked with several decades ago.
4-social media allows us various levels of social interaction, even from the comforts of our own home.
5-connecting with people via social networks very often leads to real world connections.
6-Pakistani peoples desire to be involved in more causes and activities
7-In pakistan Privacy is a major issue , We desire safety, privacy, and control with respect of our own values
and many more reasons are there

Pakistan has emerged as a hotbed of social media activity in the region, with many forming communities bound by common interests to exchange ideas and enhance interaction.38 percent Pakistani population on Facebook login almost everyday, while another 15 percent use Facebook at least once a week.

Dr.Awab Alvi. The Dentist, but a social media master.PTI was gaining a good response from the youth of Pakistan on their Social Media Profiles. Theykept updated their social media audience about all the recent happenings of PTI. Then ImranKhan announced a rally in Lahore, at Minar-e-Pakistan.This was the first test of Imran Khan, and he passed that with extra-ordinary grades. No one wasexpecting a huge rally like that, but We saw, that was one of the biggest rally in the history ofPakistan at Minar-e-Pakistan.Now look! Sorry to say, Traditional Media was not giving the actual coverage to Imran Khanbefore that rally, but People gathered there, and huge people, and I had seen people coming fromthe Waziristan to participate in that rally.One of the major factor behind that rally was the Social Media, yes!

Our youth has to understand that now we don’t have any excuse on how to spread the ideologyand philosophy of truth after the vibrant presence of social media. Newspapers and TV channelsmight not give us the space and time to educate the people but social media is giving us equaland fair opportunity to spread the message of revolution. We have the freedom of speech now inPakistan through social media which allows us to address our domestic and internationalaudience at the same time.Educated, honest and Middle class leadership is the need of our domestic audience forprogressive and prosper Pakistan where as the same phenomenon would make the region stableand peaceful for international stake holders.

In Short social media is providing us a very mean rate interaction with users , customers, & public

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