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  1. Zakat giver
  2. How much zakat
  3. The Concept of Calculating Zakah
  4. Executive Procedures of Calculating Zakah
  5. The Rules of Calculating and Distributing Zakah
  6. Dividing Money in Islamic Jurisprudence and its Relation to Calculating Zakah
  7. Obligation & Condition Of Zakah
  8. Condition of Zakat
  9. Zakah on Gold, Silver, Currencies,Ornaments, Shares, Securities etc.
  10. Zakah on Commercial Commodities, Industry & Company
  11. Zakah on Crops and Fruits
  12. Zakah on Cattle and Other Animals
  13. Zakah on Other Activities
  14. Questions On Zakah With Answers
  15. The Fatwas On Zakah
  16. Distribution Of Zakah
  17. زکوٰۃ